Privacy Policy / GDPR


The storage and processing of data in the form of audio and musical digital recordings and productions.

Where we store your personal and audio data:

Occasionally, we store and process your personal and audio recording data through a Microsoft e-mail server, for example: and/or server. We also occasionally use our e-mail server.

If you send us any audio recording(s) via e-mail, we reserve the right to process and back up these audio files, unless a prior written agreement or request is in place not or request not to, to the below mentioned hard-disks, property of Brytestar, T/A B/S Studios, and backup cloud services that we engage with, is where the audio file(s) will be backed up and stored to: Furthermore, as part of the Brytestar production and recording process with any client, all sessions, audio data, files, recordings, mixes, masters, plugin settings are also stored on hard-disks on site and off site at Brytestar HQ, and also through different cloud services.

How we aim to protect your data

We use personal and confidential password protection on our production computers (updated occasionally) on our Apple Mac Pro (Late 2013) and Microsoft Windows computer, and our old Apple Mac Pro (2009) sessions data disk. We use password protection on all cloud services, including two-factor authentication on some of these services.

All cloud services also have their own security measures in place. Many of the digital audio workstation software programmes we use, for example: AVID Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro X, Steinberg Cubase, Audacity, Ableton, these companies and cloud back up services that we use have their own GDPR privacy policies in place, which further protects your data according to their written policy.

How we process your data where a repair of hard disks, where your data is stored, is necessary

If, for any reason, our hard disks need to be repaired, every effort is made to obtain a third party GDPR policy document and agreement with maintenance company while these hard disks are being repaired.

Audio data back-up policy

As a policy, we backup all audio recordings for a maximum period of 7 years. We cannot guarantee that this data will be available after this period unless a prior written agreement in place between us and the client for a specific back up

How we record and process your personal and audio digital recording data

We process your audio digital recordings and data using digital audio workstations, AVID Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro X, Steinberg Cubase, Audacity, Ableton, email services and cloud backup services.

Many of the above mentioned digital audio workstation software companies and cloud back up services have their own GDPR privacy policies which further protects your data according to their written policy.

If for any reason any audio recording is sent to our official e-mail addresses or via a social media website including but not limited to:,,,, Snapchat app, Whatsapp app,,, Google Drive; by default we generally download this audio file and store it in our entire production hard-disk system, unless a prior written agreement is in place.

Our commitment to you

  • Anyone who comes into contact with your audio data is sworn to confidentiality.
  • All appropriate technical and organizational measures are used to protect the security of the this data.
  • We do not subcontract to another processor unless instructed to do so in writing by the controller, in which case another DPA will need to be signed with the sub-processor (pursuant to Sections 2 and 4 of Article 28).
  • We commit to helping the controller uphold their obligations under the GDPR.
  • We commit to will helping the controller maintain GDPR compliance with regard to Article 32 (security of processing) and Article 36 (consulting with the data protection authority before undertaking high-risk processing).
  • We, Brytestar, the processor, agrees to process your personal data only on written instructions of you, the controller.
  • Brytestar agrees to delete all personal data upon the termination of services or return the data to the controller if requested to do so in writing.
  • We commit to must allowing the data controller to conduct an audit and will provide whatever information necessary to prove compliance.

External communications policy

With regards to our websites and, all communication and personal data ie: e-mail address and contact phone number shared through our ‘Contact Form’ are secure, never shared or sold. We never process or share this sensitive personal data with any third party.

These communications are processed through Microsoft’s and e- mail server, and through our websites and web servers. Our websites use secure SSL encryption.

We do not use Google Analytics or Cookies to store information on you. The only data that is downloaded in such a communication is the actual audio recording specific to your inquiry as we are a music production and audio recording entity.


A request to delete any communications, personal data and/or any digital audio recording from our hard-disks and/or back up servers, or e-mail servers, where you own the sole Intellectual Property, a request can be made to our nominated person at Brytestar, Brian Sheil, at:

We can also facilitate the sending of a complete recording session(s) at a nominal fee. We reserve the right to send only the audio (both mixed and un-mixed, dry and wet individual audio files and or/stems.)

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