In 2012, I was nominated on the MPG’s shortlist as International "Producer of The Year", at The Music Producers Guild Awards, London, England. I was also nominated that same year as "International Recording Engineer of the Year", 2013. I was the only Irish producer/engineer to be nominated at these international awards that year.


Blast From The Popular Past

A project by Brian Sheil

I believe that pop music production, and in particular ballad production, reached it's height during this period. By producing with these limitations, Brian believes that his own production values will improve at a faster rate, and will also serve as a huge learning experience for himself.


I currently work, and have been for over 12 years, at VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art & The George Bernard Shaw Theatre as their Senior General Theatre Technician & In-House Sound and Recording Engineer


Advanced Diploma

Sound Engineering and Music Technology

The course is designed and delivered by experienced working professionals, Pulse is at the forefront of professional industry training courses. The college is recognised internationally for its world-class facilities, the standard of its training programmes, and quality of its graduates.

Pulse College

First Class Honours

Bachelor of Arts – Music Production Degree

Pulse College
Brian Sheil

Presenter & Producer

For two years, I presented and produced my own radio show on RTE Pulse, which aired occasionally on RTE 2fm.The show was called Brian Sheil On A Thursday.You can listen back to some of my shows here.

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Klubb FM

Founder & Radio Presenter

Klubb FM was founded and created originally by Brian Sheil when he was just 15 years old. At that age, he believed streaming would be the future of how audio was going to be consumed whether it be music or radio, but never capitalised on it because of how young he was. The station was on and off as Brian went to study at University (Brian re-built Klubb FM from scratch with producing all imaging content and devising it’s own station sound for one of his Final Year Projects/Thesis at Uni) while carving out a career in the music business. Now in his late 20’s, Brian has launched a fully licensed worldwide internet radio operation, playing the biggest hits in the world and hosting some of the top DJs across the world every week on the station. Brian always wanted to have an internet station that was one of the best sounding, and that could rival any FM station from the actual sound of the stream to the team he has assembled around him to execute the delivery of a worldwide service. Massive thanks goes to Brian’s team who are: The technical genius and patience of, Matthew Troughear (Website & Technical), former VP of Imaging at iHeartMedia & the Voice of LA’s #1 Hit Music Station, KIIS FM, Kelly Doherty (now the Voice of Klubb

The World of Sound

The World of Sound

In 2010, the first music article I ever wrote at 18 years of age was published by music and sound veteran, Peter K. Burkowitz – former Vice President of Polygram & developer of the REDD recording/mixing desk, on in his book, The World of Sound. Published by Schiele & Schoen

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